Ohio State Medical Association

Illustration. Print & Digital Design

This project included designing a timeline for a magazine spread. Pieces of this timeline were used for social media posts. 

Bicycle Shop

Print and Pattern Design.

I designed cards to hang from bicycles for Paradise Garage, giving the customer a quick explanation of the bike categories and how they're used. I designed the back of the card to market their 5-to-ride bike accessory incentive program. I designed all icons and created a color scheme to differentiate the categories.

Montgomery County 
Medical Society

Branding Design.

This was a rebrand project. This included font face, color, and logo mark. They wanted a mark that reflects their medical association and the local aviation history.


Cincinnati Off-Road Association

Web & Print Design. Photography.

This was a passion project of mine. During my time with CORA, my main task was to re-design the website, to fit the organization's mission of providing essential trail information to cyclists, hikers, runners, and other trail users; as well as provide a place for the public to donate. I photographed all of the elements of CORA and used these on their website and in print materials. I designed marketing materials such as t-shirts, event flags, tents and banners, and cycling jerseys.


Bicycle Outfitters

Web & Print Design. Photography.

During my time at Reser Bicycle Outfitters, I created a monthly newsletter. I designed a newsletter template so that new content can readily be swapped in. I created a new product tag system. I created a 20th anniversary logo, used on stickers, water bottles, and cycling jerseys. I also created new social media icons for the business. 

Signature Hardware

Bath & Home Goods

Web & Print Design.

During my time at Signature Hardware, I designed print materials and web assets, as well as textiles. I developed Post-production design techniques to quickly activate product on the website.

I implemented a new interactive element on Signature Hardware's website, using Adobe Scene 7. Customers are now able to select bathroom vanity finish and countertop finish from a drop-down menu and the image changes to coincide with their selection. 

I created a corporate recycling program with the aid of our umbrella company, Ferguson Inc. I designed posters and e-mail newsletters to encourage participation in community events.



Web & Print Design.

I created social media and print assets for

this grassroots organization to promote their

election initiatives.